Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old do I have to be to rent equipment and do I need a boating license?

A: You need to be 21 years old to rent equipment. Any age to ride along! You are required to have a boating license if born after Jan 1 1988. We will go over all safety features with you, full instruction on waterways and rules, AND provide a map to help guide you through.

Q: What if I have never driven a boat?
A: No problem. It’s simple; like driving a car. About 60% of our rentals have never driven a boat before. We go through full instructions with you.

Q: How many people can fit on a pontoon boat?
A: 10 people

Q: Where am I allowed to go?
A: You are allowed to go anywhere in Pensacola Bay or Santa Rosa Sound. Basically, our boundaries are from Pensacola Pass to Navarre Bridge.

Q: Are we allowed to bring coolers and food? What about Alcohol?
A: Yes, you can bring whatever you like. Alcohol is allowed. Same rules apply on the water as the road. You will need a designated driver.

Q: Do you have Parking?
A: Yes, public parking lot.

Q: Do I need a Reservation?
A: Yes, Reservations in advance are STRONGLY encouraged.

Q: What features does your boat have?
A: The pontoon boats are equipped with bimini tops, anchors, ladders, and life jackets. We do have special life jackets for infants and children at no extra charge.